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Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving to Version 2

It seems that, in the upheaval of moving across country last year, when I deleted my old email address, with it, I inadvertently killed my ability to manipulate my blog at the admin level. Due to privacy rights, the kind folks at Google can't identify me well enough to let me back in. While this is a royal pain in the seat, I strenuously support privacy - and thus the best solution seems to be to create a V2 blog - you can find it at

I will link this old blog at the top of the new one. And probably noodle with this one in some inconsequential fashion occasionally so that the Google folks don't kill it.

If you subscribe by RSS feed, don't forget to update to the new address here:

See you at Art on the Road and MORE...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bragging on a Friend

Daniel Robinson was my tour guide here at JMU a year ago when I showed up to check out the school. Once I joined the program, he became mentor and "big brother," ever the voice of calm in the insanity that is grad school - the mantra he always says to me is "everything is going to be OK." My nickname for him is Zen Master. He calls me Sambuca. He has taught me much about being committed to making art, and where to find the best burger in town. He and his girlfriend Kim have become part of my VA family. And if he tells you a dreadful story about me and some chips and dip, it's all lies!

Daniel will be graduating this semester. I'm thrilled that he's finished, and am rooting for a lucky bunch of students to get him as their new photo professor next semester. But frankly, it ticks me off because it means I got only one year of studying with him instead of more. Yes, I'm selfish when it comes to good friends.

So in celebration of Daniel making it through the grad school gauntlet, I offer you a lovely article that was published about him, his art, and his MFA thesis show in our local paper. Congrats, Daniel! You leave some mighty big shoes to fill!!

An Eye on the Bigger Picture

Published at Smithsonian's ARTiculations:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumnal Equinox

Everyone says there are few things that can compete with the spectacle of an east coast autumn. I got my first peek yesterday, with the tree in the park flashing a swatch of red like a lady of the night flashing her gams. The tease promises a good show.

The first herald came last weekend... the temperature dipped low enough for a couple of days to warrant a quilt on the bed, socks on my feet, and a jacket in the morning. Warm in the sun, but chill in the shade, especially at the end of the day. Thoughts turning to soups and stews, and other chances to use the new (gloriously orange) dutch oven I bought this summer.

Here comes fall....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Thousand Words Are Worth A Picture

Published at Smithsonian's ARTiculations:

Getting Your Kicks

Published at Smithsonian's ARTiculations:

Modern Sculpture at the Getty

Published at Smithsonian's ARTiculations: